Leadership basics keeping in mind positive energy by OM Leadership Solutions

  1. Know yourself and the team; be present, mentally and physically.
  2. If you wish the change, be the change.
  3. Build trust with the team and within the team.
  4. Don’t demand from the team more than what you are willing to put in yourself.
  5. People first, personal approach to every team member, ensure that all team members have direct access to you.
  6. Encourage innovation, create safe environment for testing.
  7. Concentrate and put all of your effort on people, process and product and money will follow.
  8. Be just and don’t get personal.
  9. Remember, you are always in the radar of your team.
  10. Treat your people and clients as you would like to be treated.
  11. Direct communication, emails should be agreed/regulated, organise meetings as little as possible and as much as needed.
  12. Seek and seize opportunities.
  13. Educate your team as leaders not as followers.
  14. Encourage initiative and pro-activeness in the team.
  15. Do the right thing instead of doing things right.
  16. Eliminate distractions, ensure undisturbed working environment.
  17. Simple solutions first.
  18. Free will is the the basis of all.
  19. In addition to providing official education, motivate people to self development.
  20. Develop environment where all the team members „would like to be tomorrow better version of themselves than they were today“ – eliminate unhealthy competition in the team.

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