About us

OM Leadership Solutions is a young developing business and as an external stakeholder and trustworthy partner our goal is to support the growth, both, of the beginning entrepreneurs/businesses and already expirienced businesses.

We are offering complete solutions starting from the mapping of current leadership situation to implementing the training and providing personalised leadership solutions according to business/organisations needs.

Our activities

We are helping to create and develop according to the needs of organisation/business – your vision, mission, values, strategy, tactics, positioning, „voice“ and offering also related leadership solutions.

We are helping to implement and execute above mentioned wholes and integrate these into organisations/businesses everyday routines. In addtion we are helping to create individualcentric and valuebased leadership principles. We are doing this by developing relevant measures and evaluation systems and based on results, developing necessary domains and qualities in processes and individuals.

How are we doing this?

By analysing  Organisations/Businesses, separate departements/teams and their Leaders in 360˚ and 720˚ format and by developing results related proactive and guiding development programs.

By developing and conducting questionnaries about leadership and production processes and based on results developing relevant evaluation and development systems.

By ascertain domain, function and proffession based personal qualities, skills, characteristics, properties and by evaluating and developing these.

By developing profession/function based training and development plans and evaluating the results and impact of the training on organisation/business.

By conducting internal audit and quality control.

By providing courses/training on leadership procedures and decision making processes.

Training topics/subjects

Courses and subjects will be tailored according to clients needs.