Leaders Influence to Businesses

Next thought is directed especially to leaders and managers regardless of position, as their impact on the company/organization is typically greater than individual team members. As a whole, it would be a good guideline for all the team members, because every human being has an impact on business. As results are depending on the whole team, not just the leadership, then leaders/managers need to be aware of the impact they have on the company/organization.

When leaders’ or managers’ leading thinking principle is that “how much money I can earn from one or another transaction” or “how much money I can save on costs”, then it must be acknowledged, that all the time and energy put into thinking about cash or cost savings are away from the people, ideas, leadership, communication, product development … and in full, away from progress and development.

For example, if 50% of the time and energy of thought will be spent on cash and costs, than it leaves with only 50% for everything else. As leaders and managers are constantly in the focus of the team, it does not pay to think that the general thinking in a team will be different from that of management. Even if it is different, it will probably not have impact in this environment. Constantly thinking about the money will leave person empty from inside, and we can’t speak anymore about the Leader, because being a leader is accompanied by a continuous personal development as with developing the team.

If there will be no personal / team growth, there can’t be an organizational / company development or progress in wider perspective. It must be kept in mind that, if development stops, it means actually regression, as competitors and the conscious part of the team continuing to develop. The manager could lose his position and company remains lagging and can fairly say that it does not necessarily mean good.

When there is the desire to ensure organizations’ or for business’ sustainable development the activities and processes should be analyzed from the long-term development perspective. Not from the angle “what I like or dislike today”, “it is more convenient and easier”, “this is familiar and safe,” ” I’m able to do it”, “I will save on this transaction…”

Leader or a manager may delegate the task but not responsibility. Therefore, Leaders grow and develop your teams! In doing so, develop teams as they where leaders, not the followers. Even the smallest contribution in its function he or she can give to better good can be performed as the “leader”, “follower” or “victim”. The role she or he chooses to be is very much up to the leaders / managers who are leading by example.

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