Leading with Long-term Mindset.

Today I would like to discuss how focusing on long-term mindset, instead of short-term mindset in Leadership will help to get better results.

There is, of course, many perspectives on this subject, but I would like to bring up the next point. When Leaders and the team are wasting their time and energy on dealing with bureaucracy and everyday needy-greedy execution, then all this effort will be away from creating the environment where visions could spread their wings to fly and ideas would have fertile soil to grow, thus undermining the achievement of long-term goals.

So, I encourage and suggest, that Leaders on all levels, will start to ask themselves and the team, how every separate action serves their long-term goals and this will open up totally different perspective also in everyday priorities.

If questioning like this is becoming a part of everyday leadership routine then visions, long-term business goals, ideas, and everyday business will be tied together without making any additional effort.

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